Is it the right program for you?
Yes, if you wish to work in an international environment and if you have a background in Management or Economics.


In the context of growing globalization, businesses are looking for employees who can do much more than one job and are open to the world. Our goal: to prepare you to accompany businesses in conducing the international expansion strategy and in selling, buying, transporting or financing.


 86% of graduates are active within 6 months 


National Diploma: Master of Science in Economics and Management
Focus on International Economy and Management - Major - Commerce and Management in International Business


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 Scholarships - NEW in 2016!  : 
Merit-based scholarships will be offered to selected students based on academic and volunteer excellence (in case of personal financial needs of students). Tuition fees will then be reduced by 2,000 euros. 

Véronique Flambard
Véronique Flambard PH.D


RIZOMM’s International Management Master’s programm is located in Lille at the heart of Europe in an inspiring environment. Besides strong basis in international management and a real preparation for your future career, you value soft skills training… RIZOMM is for you.
We believe that achievements in career are determined by a combination of soft , cognitive and technical skills and that the environment in which you study can bring a lot. We seek to off er an innovative and open-ended setting with RIZOMM because what you are and how you interact are as important as what you know.

Cassandre T’Kint
Cassandre T’Kint
(Promotion 2013)


Immediately after my internship I was offered an open-ended contract with Lanvin as export manager. After one year and a half at Lanvin, I decided to reorient my career in a new field: purchases. I wanted to closely collaborate in products development, and then I did not have difficulty in getting a new job at Maisons du Monde (furniture and decoration) as a buyer (sofas and outdoor department). I am developing the new collection with current suppliers and new sourcing found all over the world!